About the Mongos



Waiting on Mongo is an award-winning seven piece funk-jam band

Whether playing a show for hundreds or a small private affair, WOM brings the heat every time they hit the stage. Mongo's spacey keys, raunchy horns, wailing guitars and unwavering drums team up to bring out a unique, funky groove that gets everybody dancing. 


The Band

  TJ McCarthy  Bass, Vocals

TJ McCarthy Bass, Vocals

  Mike "Mongo" Iatesta  Keyboards

Mike "Mongo" Iatesta Keyboards

  Bruce Krywinski, Jr  Trumpet

Bruce Krywinski, Jr Trumpet

  Johnny Carlson  Trombone

Johnny Carlson Trombone

  Mike Susino  Guitar, Vocals

Mike Susino Guitar, Vocals

  Matt Iatesta  Drums

Matt Iatesta Drums

  Anders Carlson  Saxophone

Anders Carlson Saxophone