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Jam. Funk. Music for Dancing.

About Waiting ON Mongo


Waiting on Mongo is an award-winning funk band from Asbury Park, NJ. Since the current lineup’s formation in 2016, They’ve been featured on such events as Jams on the Sand, Convention Hell, and other local events, and have been on several tours to New Orleans, Charleston, sc, and Burlington, VT.

The band features seven devoted musicians on guitar, bass, keys, drums, and horns, bringing funk and jams inspired by Phish, James Brown, Chicago, The Grateful Dead, and more.


The band released an ep titled “Just A Taste” in 2017. It’s first release was celebrated at a sold-out show at the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, and is soon to be followed by new titles in the near future.


Meet the Band

TJ McCarthy  Bass, Vocals

TJ McCarthy Bass, Vocals

Mike "Mongo" Iatesta  Keyboards

Mike "Mongo" Iatesta Keyboards

Bruce Krywinski, Jr  Trumpet

Bruce Krywinski, Jr Trumpet

Johnny Carlson  Trombone

Johnny Carlson Trombone

Mike Susino  Guitar, Vocals

Mike Susino Guitar, Vocals

Matt Iatesta  Drums

Matt Iatesta Drums

Anders Carlson  Saxophone

Anders Carlson Saxophone